Whom do I contact for what?

Sound of North account:
     Accounts volunteer - 

Sound of North newsletter:
     Wendy Raymer - 

Spirit Wear & Volunteering for Band Camp, the Invitational, or Cummins picnics:
     Amy Jackson - 

     Lynn Brown - 

Head Chaperone:
     Jean Terpstra - 

Speedway parking:
     Roger and Dawn Boyer - 

Kiwanis Duck Sale:
      Paul McAvoy - 

Restaurant Discount Cards:
      Bill Stultz - 

Pit Pusher/Puller:
     Geof Raymer - 

Support Crew $ Screen Team:
     Glen Haegele - 

Anything else:
     Wendy Raymer - 
     Geof Raymer - 

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